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Hublot Classic Fusion Arturo Fuente Rose Gold

Pieejamība: Uz vietas
29 700,00 €

RETAIL: 31 000,00 €

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RažotājsHublot, Šveice
KolekcijaClassic Fusion
ModelisArturo Fuente Rose Gold
MehānismsHUB1112 caliber
Mehānisma veidsAutomātiskais
Gaitas rezerve42 stundas
KorpussRozā zelts 18K
SiksniņaAligātora/kaučuka siksniņa
StiklsSafīra stikls ar pret - atspulgu pārklājumu
Izmērs/diametrs45 mm
Ūdensizturība5 ATM / 50 metri
Limitēta sērija (gabali)50
Garantija (mēneši)24


Papildus Informācija

The watch are delivered in a case that serves as a humidor, a cigar box specially designed by Hublot so as to regulate the humidity and allow the correct conservation of the modules. 

- Engraved and black brushed King Gold Case 
- Engraved and black brushed King Gold Bezel 
- Black rubber and burgundy vintage alligator with burgundy stitching 
- Black brushed King Gold and black-plated deployant buckle clasp 

It required passion, self-sacrifice and the desire to achieve perfection in order to push Fuente cigars to the pinnacle of world tobacco production. Since its creation in Cuba in 1912, the "Tabacalera Arturo Fuente y Compañia" business has survived all pitfalls—a forced departure from Cuba following the Castroists’ arrival in power, exile both in Florida and in Nicaragua—to eventually set up in the Dominican Republic, where its planters and rollers finally found a terroir that measured up to their immense talent. It was here, at the beginning of the eighties, that Carlito Fuente, worthy descendant of the founder, Arturo, chose to set up his cigar factory, against everyone’s advice. It was a gamble that paid off: one hundred and five years after its birth, the Fuente brand has found its rightful place, by competing with and then surpassing the best Cuban cigar producers.